Salient Features

You get a wide range of benefits from the Toys R Us Credit Card by subscribing to the Rewards “R” Us program. You can also sign up for the program for free in-store or online without approval. This credit card provides access to the benefits of the association, the Geoffrey Anniversary Rewards Program, and the Anniversary Club. However, this program only offers half of the points for every dollar spent in “R” stores compared to the Toys R Us Credit Card.

The Toys R Us Credit Card rewards users with 2 points per dollar spent on in-store or online purchases by using the credit card. Also, The Rewards members are “R”. The customers earn 1 point for every dollar spent. You must spend $ 4 to earn 1 point for all other purchases. For every 125 points, you receive $ 5 in “R” prizes, which means that each point is worth 4 cents. Cardholders lose their precious reward points from their account after one year of inactivity.

The registered members can effectively choose to receive their reward dollars by email with a bonus certificate every two weeks or deposit their points. The customers can earn a maximum of $ 20 in rewards every two weeks. However, if you validate your points, you can earn $ 200 rewards before an award certificate is automatically sent to you. Each award certificate expires 60 days after the issue date.

Managing your Toys R Us Credit Card account is easy and secure. Once you are connected to your account, you can tap the “Pay my bill” to check your payment options. You can also set up account alerts, update your billing details, and even manage your reward account.

Transferrable Card Accounts: The two ToysRUs Credit Card are managed by Synchrony Bank.

One is the business credit card that only works for Toys R Us purchases. Another is a MasterCard, with which the cardholder can make purchases wherever the MasterCard is accepted in the USA.